Scientific Thinking


Is there a way for thinking scientifically? What are all the benefits one could get by way of this ‘Scientific Thinking’?

The great scholar Christian D Larson (1874-1954) has a written a beautiful book titiled‘Thinking for Results’.

Let us get answers from him for some of the difficult questions that we have.

What is the Foundation of Scientific Thinking?

To think according to the laws of growth and to think for a definite purpose – this is the foundation of Scientific Thinking.

How we could attain Peace of Mind,quickly?

Peace of mind comes most quickly when we do not try to be peaceful, but simply permit ourselves to be normal. To relax mind and body at frequent intervals will also aid remarkably, but the most important of all is the attainment of the consciousness of peace.

We know very well that Peace of Mind is powerful and conserves energy. But how to get it quickly, Is there a special way?

There is an absolutely still centre in your own mind and you can become conscious of that centre by turning your attention gently and frequently upon the serene within. This should be done several times a day and no matter how peaceful we may feel we should daily seek a still finer realization of this consciousness of peace. The result will be more power because peace conserves energy.

We are moving with different people. Circumstances do not permit us to be in our ‘mental state of harmony’. How to cultivate the mental state of harmony?

The best way to cultivate the mental state of harmony is to adapt yourself consciously to everything and everybody that you meet. Never resist or antagonize anything nor hold yourself aloof from anybody. Wherever you are aim to look for the agreeable side of things and try to act with everything while in that attitude. After a while you will find it an easy matter to meet all things and all persons in their world and when you can do this you can unite with them in securing results that neither side could have secured alone.


If you follow the above simple methods, you are the king.You will have peace of mind always.You will always will be in a mental state of harmony. Everybody would love you because you are in their world with them, for them!


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