Find lost motivation


The Problem We’ve All Had: On our respective journeys to fitness, nearly every one of us will eventually find ourselves frustrated by week after week of plateaued progress.

Whether you are not getting any stronger or not getting any leaner, this kind of stall can leave you feeling like the last thing you want to do is slog through another workout or eat another skinless chicken breast.

A lack of motivation in the face of a fitness plateau is one of the most common reasons people drop their workouts from their schedules. And who can blame them? It seems pretty reasonable that you would want to give up on something that’s not working. What is it that causes our progress to halt, anyway?

The Causes We Don’t Consider

Fitness plateaus can be caused by a number of things. Perhaps by working out alone, you are not pushing yourself as hard as you think you are. It could be the opposite, that you have been over-training and pushed your body too far. It may be that you have a hard time getting to the gym, whether that is because it’s too far away from your home, work or school to be convenient, or because you are just bored to death of the same old routine at the same old gym. There’s a possibility you’re simply not challenging yourself enough, and so not experiencing any growth. If you’ve had an injury in the recent past, a failure to properly rest and allow it to completely recover could also hinder your progress. These are just a few possible reasons for plateau, and this list shows that, with so many possible reasons to lose motivation, it’s something everyone can empathize with. You’re not alone!

What To Do To Find Your Motivation Again

The solutions to a fitness plateau are as varied as the causes, so don’t despair, there is one that will work for you! You might find that your progress (and with it your motivation) pick right back up again if you start going to the gym with a friend. You may find that a low-intensity rest week recharges your batteries and makes you happy to be back at the gym. You might benefit from getting out of the gym altogether, and trying some new and different activities like hiking, a martial arts class, or a hip hop dance class. Of course, sometimes a plateau or drop in motivation can be health related, and so you might consider going to the doctor for a check-up, just to make sure everything is in good condition. If you’re not sure what the cause of your plateau is, this list might seem daunting, and it’s true that it might take you some time to pin it down. So be kind to yourself, and remember that a fitness plateau is so common that we could probably rightfully call it a rite of passage. You will make it through your rite of passage and come out the other side.

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