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One sure way of getting success is to collect all success techniques and keep a Success Techniques Diary. You can study, review your techniques and plan your action on a day to day basis.Hundreds of Self Improvement books reveal numerous novel techniques.

A collection of such techniques is given below:

Gather New Ideas – Napoleon Hill

Not Intelligent Quotient; but Illumination Quotient is important. You have to illuminate your ideas and actions!

Praise yourself; when you do something you are proud of dwell on it a little. Praise yourself for it.

Work hard – R. L. Stevenson

Negative attitude is to be changed to positive and optimistic opinion.

Stand tall – physically

Stand tall -mentally

Stand tall – spiritually

Rise early; go to bed early.

Walk daily.

Don’t stop reading/learning till your end.

Have more friends.

Learn to say ‘NO’ whenever it is needed.

Birds of Success flock together. Go where success breeds. Try to get as near as you can to people successful in the way you want to be successful. Promptness is a contagious inspiration. It is one of the practical virtues of civilization.Do not criticize; if necessary, then do not add emotion. Remember unjust criticism is often a disguised compliment. Remember that no one kicks a dead dog.Marcus Aurelius said – “Dig within”. There lies the well–spring of good. Ever dig and it will ever flow!To get success…. Win with your strengths.

a) Pick one strength to pursue
b) exercise your strength daily
c) look for complimentary partners
d) develop a support system
To live in this world you just have to be strong. So start developing inner toughness or tensile strength of mind and spirit.Talk about your mistakes first before criticizing the other person.

All success swings on the three phrases listed below:

a) Inspiration to action
b) Knowhow
c) Activity knowledge
If you must slander someone, don’t speak it, but write it. Write it in the sand, near the waters edge – Napoleon Hill

Lie flat on the floor whenever you feel tired. Stretch as tall as you can. Roll round if you want to. Do it twice a day. – Dale Carnegie

Read autobiographies of strong and powerful men who are really great.

Systematic Work: Cultivate the habit of doing everything systematically. You will acquire tremendous speed in your work.

Be Punctual.

You can jot down your own Success Techniques!


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