Stumbling blocks


Lord Nelson, one of the Britain’s greatest naval commander encouraged his soldiers to fight for a great victory.In the battlefield one of his soldiers approached him and told him that the edge of his sword was broken.

Nelson replied him thus: “Then take a step forward and fight.”In a battle, no explanation is required. Only action is required. For that courage is needed.In fact life is also a battlefield. We have to overcome many difficulties and stumbling blocks.

Make every stumbling block as a stepping stone. Then victory is yours.Once a mother was walking along with his small boy on a ground. Suddenly the boy fell down. Helplessly he looked his mother. She was standing still watching her son. The son slowly stood up rubbing his hands. The mother asked him to show his hands. It was empty. She told him,” My dear son, you could have taken at least some sand in your hand. You have to gain something in every fall”. The mother’s training worked. Needless to say that the son shaped himself and became a great hero.

The Jewish proverb rightly says, “When you have no choice, mobilize the spirit of courage”.“Success is never final and failure is never fatal. It is courage that counts” so said George F. Tilton.Thomas Alva Edison’s mother instilled in him values such as love, sacrifice and bravery. Once at the Grand Trunk Railroad he saved a three year old child from a runaway boxcar. The child’s father Mackenzie, who was a station Agent was very much pleased and in gratitude he taught Edison telegraphy. Edison’s courage paid him handsomely. He worked hard and as he advanced in years he went on from one success to another. He became the greatest inventor.

Napoleon Bonaparte rightly said that, ‘courage is not having the strength to go on – it is going on when you don’t have strength’.Mahatma Gandhi stood like a rock against the mighty British Empire with non-violence as his only weapon. Churchill remarked, “I could defeat him if he comes with some weapon. But he is strange. He has no weapon. Then how could I fight him?”The mighty British Empire was not able to face one single weaponless small figure. Such was his courage.

Mistakes and failures are common in everybody’s life. We have to analyze our mistakes.And we have to learn a lesson from every failure and the mistakes are not to be repeated.Think deeply. Plan correctly. Act fast. Then success is yours.With courage even the space could be conquered.As the great poet Robert Browning rightly said,” Ah! But a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, Or what’s heaven for?


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