The Secret is revealed – 3

31. October 2017

The Secret is revealed – 3

  • Given below are some more interesting quotes from “The Secret”!
  • Decide what you want. Believe you can have it, believe you deserve it, believe you deserve it, believe it is possible for you.
  • Close your eyes and visualize having what you have already. Enjoy it! Then release into the universe. The universe will manifest it.
  • “Whatever the mind of man can conceive, it can achieve.” – W. Clement Stone
  • Set a goal so big that if you achieved it, it would blow your mind.
  • When you have an inspired thought, you must trust it and act on it.
  • Life is meant to be abundant in All areas.
  • We are the creators of our universe.
  • Write down the things you like most about them. Law of attraction will not put you in the same space together if your frequencies don’t match.
  • You are the only one that creates your reality.
  • No one else can think or feel for you … It is YOU… ONLY YOU.
  • Health: thank the universe for your own healing. Laugh, stress-free happiness will keep you healthy.
  • The immune system will heal itself.
  • Parts of our bodies are replaced every day, every week,… etc… Within a few years, we have a brand new body.
  • See yourself living in a new body. Hopeful = recovery. Happy = happier biochemistry. Stress degrades the body.
  • Learn to become still.. and take your attention away from what you don’t want, and place your attention on what you wish to experience.
  • You are not here to try to get the world to be just as you want it. You are here to create the world around you that you choose.
  • Write your script. When you see things you don’t want, don’t think about them, Write about them, talk about them, push against them or join groups that focus on them…. Remove your attention from don’t wants…. And instead, place them on DO wants.

Having read all these beautiful and useful quotes, now you may go in for the book or you may get the film ‘The Secret’.

Best of Luck!


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