Predict yourself


If you say, “I can’t relax”,

If you are not able to allot any work to anybody and do all the work yourself,

If you often wake in the morning to find your clenched hands,

If you habitually sit on the edge of your chair,

If you become irritable when you have to sit still and do nothing,

If you are always in a hurry,

If you always catch your train and bus at the last minute chasing them,

If you always sit with your subordinate till the job is completed,

If you find it hard to listen anybody and wants yourself heard always,

If you are always impatient with everybody and with everything,

If you become irritable when interrupted,

If you stick to details and not just start the work,

If you worry at everything,

If you get upset when things go wrong,

If you always have the feeling that somebody is watching you,

If you are too to sensitive to criticism,

If you are unhappy whenever people disapprove some of your actions,

If you think that you are indispensable,

If you want yourself to be the best, always, in everything,

If you don’t like the people who laugh,

If you are not able to forget and forgive the injuries caused by others to you,

If you are not able to appreciate the sense of humor you find around you,

If you are not able to allow other people to alter, modify, add, delete some of your plans,

If you are not able to devote some of your time in reading a poetry, enjoying the nature,

If you habitually take your food standing, running and without tasting it,

If you habitually away from your family,

If you are not able to participate any social events or service activities or functions,

If you do not have time to pray or to go to the temple,

Then my dear friend, I can tell who you are!

You are too tense to live in the world!

If you choose, acquire and encourage good habit of being able to relax body and mind at will, you can release the tension.You have to say ‘No’ to the list given above, then and then only you will become relaxed!You can live one hundred years enjoying the worldly comforts if you are relaxed. The world itself will become a paradise for you!


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