In order to achieve one’s goal one must be a Tough Minded Optimist.
Norman Vincent Peale has written a book titiled, “Tough Minded Optimist”.

A Readers Digest article (Win with your Strengths – June 1993 issue) suggests the following to get success:

To get Success .. Win with your Strengths.

1) Pick one strength to pursue
2) Enerzise your strength daily
3) Ignore weaknesses that don’t hinder you
4) Look for complementary partners
5) Develop a Support System

Everyday there is a crisis. How to overcome a crisis?

1) Optimism pays
2) One step at a time
3) Keep the faith
4) Take Stock
5) Take Action
(Readers Digest May 1992 issue)

To live in this world you have to be STRONG! – Or else.So Start developing inner toughness or tensile strength of mind and SPIRIT!When the going gets tough, Let the tough gets going! –

Remember : What you think you will become. Good or Bad, week or strong, defeated or victorious.Never be afraid of anybody or anything in this life.Remember old saying, it really works :”EVERY KNOCK IS A BOOST”.Keep on estimating people even when they act badly towards you.Be humble.Be big in mind and soul, Be kindly: You will like yourself that way and so will other people.
Remember GOD.God is great and He will guide you.Norman Vincent Peale’s above guidelines will make one victorious in this life.

Compiled by S.Nagarajan

Pic Source : https://quotefancy.com/quote/1610768/Frosty-Westering-Be-a-tough-minded-optimist

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