Lose belly fat


It’s probably not what most of us want to hear, but the truth is there is no magical formula for losing belly fat. However there are definite steps you can take to trim down your waistline. An obvious point concerns your diet.

According to many authoritative sources getting enough fibre can work wonders. Just 10 grams of soluble fibre per day, that’s the equivalent of just two small apples or a cup full of green peas, can make a significant impact.

Also as part of your diet, protein is an absolute must when it comes losing fat generally. It seems that animal protein is particularly adept at targeting belly fat according to one study carried out in Denmark. According to some sources protein may reduce cravings by up to 60% as well as boosting your metabolism and will also result in your consuming up to 440 calories less in a day.

The best sources of protein include unprocessed eggs, fish, seafood, poultry, meats and dairy produce, so make sure these foods and others rich in proteins are a part of your daily diet. Another handy tip is to cook food in coconut oil instead of the usual cooking oil. Cutting down on your carb intake is another must in your fight against fat. Some studies have shown that low carb diets, as opposed to low fat diets, target belly fat more exclusively. A low carb diet also targets fat around internal organs including your liver, and when you consider this is the fat that is regarded as particularly life threatening, then cutting carbs is a real life saver. For quickest results cut your carb intake down to 50 grams per day which will put your body into ketosis (meaning your body will burn its own fats for fuel and diminish appetite). Otherwise avoid white breads, pastas and other high carb foods. You’ll find a cutting back on the carbs will work wonders particularly when used in conjunction with a protein rich diet.

Aerobic exercise and a few more dietary tips

One of the enduring myths about exercise is that abdominal exercises will reduce belly fat. The truth is no matter how many crunches and sit ups you do, while you will tighten up your muscles under your belly fat, it won’t necessarily have the desired results when it comes to belly fat. On the other hand, aerobic exercises have time and again been shown to reduce fat most effectively. Brisk walking, running, swimming and so on are all perfect ways to burn away fat. It’s also been shown that such exercise is also effective at keeping the weight from returning once you’ve lost it. Also view work around the garden or house, normally avoided like the plague, as opportunities to burn away fat. Also, as part of your daily diet, keep to drinks without or with next to zero calories like tea, coffee and water. And make sure you don’t skip breakfast. According to one authority, obesity levels are between 35% and 50% lower in people who breakfast regularly.

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