Intuitive power


Strange and mysterious things are thrown out from the subtle world to the surface consciousness and their truth is sometimes manifested much later.

Maharishi Aurobindo, the Great Yogi, the sage of Pondicherry, India has narrated his experiences in this regard very clearly.

He says:“I was in the past a great tea-addict. I could not do any work without my usual cup of tea. Now, the management of the tea was in the charge of my brother-in-law. He used to bring it up any time he woke up from his sleep. One day I had a lot of work to do, but could not get into it without the tea. I began to think, “When will he bring it, why doesn’t he come?” and so on. So far I had never asked anybody for anything for myself. Suddenly I found that a particular hour was written on the wall before me and at that very time the tea was brought up. And thenceforth every day the hour used to be written in that manner.”

Prophesying without seeing the person is an intuitive power. Confirming that there is intuitive power Maharishi Aurobindo explains his experience: “One can know or see things or persons by clairvoyance. I once tried to see a man whom we wanted to get appointed as the Governor. I saw a figure seated in the office, but a person totally unknown and quite different from the one we wanted. I was rather puzzled and could not account for it. After some time, there broke a quarrel between my brother-in-law Bose and a Government official. He was summoned to the office, but the latter addressed to him bore, by mistake, the title of Ghose instead of Bose. So I had to go and I found to my utter surprise the very man of my
vision sitting as the Governor.”

The great Siddhas (meaning perfect souls), Sages and Yogis could foresee each and every thing minutely.

By their yogic practice, these powers are automatically drawn from the Divine.


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