*Video is with english subtitles.

Hi Friends,
we hope you doing great!

Todays topic is to show you, how to train your Chest and & Bicep in the GYM.

Please follow the rules: Warming up and stretch your Body and then go into the exercises.
Especially if you a Beginner, you should start with light weights.

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*Video is with english subtitles.

Hi Friends,

thanks for all your kind Messages.
We are back with new Gym Workout in Tamil.

Rules before you go to the GYM:
1) Get a Training Plan
2) Warm up
3) Stretch your Body!

Hi Friends,

Thushaan Kunabalasingam will show you some stretching exercises!

Remember when you do some exercises :

– warm up first
– stretch your body
– Do your fitness exercises
– and then cool down!

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