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we receive many Messages to the topic of bullying. Most importantly is, that you talk with your people about this! Please share it, that we can save many lifes!

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this video means a lot to me, because I hope to help many of you. Don’t forget, for everything there is a solution! Thanks for all your Love from all over the World! If you like this Video, please like and subscribe our channel! Don’t forget to keep your head up!

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Dear Friends,

never judge about People, which you don´t know!
Nowadays we judge so quickly!
Never do this, because you don´t know their story!
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Hi Friends, today I want share a Story, which I get inspired from. What is our Life about? If you find the right person, who loves your heart, keep fighting for them. If you like this videos, please like and subscribe our Channel.


Hi Friends, today I am going to talk about, why you should not stop, when things are not going well, such as in Jobs, Universities or Sports! Keep the eyes on the prize.
One day, the hard will pay off.
Let´s have a look at our Hero, Cristiano Ronaldo, he got an amazing Champion Mentality!

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Hi Friends,

nowadays, we live in a fast world.
Sometimes things is not going well, like you expect.
That’s why it is very important to think positively.

Thushaan is going to show you some rules, how to think positive.