Ayurveda or The Science of Life shows the way to live one hundred years!-Part III

17. November 2016


Ayurveda or The Science of life, how to live 100 years –ayurveda shows the way, 22 rules of general ethics to be followed


The term ‘Ayurveda’ consists of two words, namely ‘Ayus’ and ‘Veda’ meaning ‘The Science of Life’. It shows the way to live for hundred years. In order to live the prescribed 100 years, general ethics have been prescribed by sage Caraka. The detailed list of 22 rules is given in the third and final article of this series.


Ayurveda or The Science of Life shows the way to live one hundred years!-Part III

Sage Caraka has prescribed the code of conduct for the maintenance of good health, devoid of all diseases. One who assiduously follows these prescriptions lives for hundred years and does not meet with untimely death.

We have seen the principles of preventing “Psychosomatic disturbances” in part II. The code of general ethics is described by the sage in detail.

  1. One should not tell a lie nor should take over others properties nor should long for others wives or property, should not indulge in hatred or sinful activities.
  2. One should never be  vice event to the vicious
  3. One should not disclose others defects
  4. One should not disclose others secrets
  5. One should shun the company of the unvirtuous, traitors, lunatics, fallen persons, abortionists, mean and crooked persons.
  6. One should not ride dangerous conveyances
  7. One should not sleep on a bed not well covered or without a pillow
  8. One should not walk on the uneven slopes of the mountain, climb a tree, take bath in a river having turbulent flow
  9. One should not trode on the shadow of kins or those born of noble families
  10. One should not move around place of fire
  11. One should not transgress the shadow of the sacred tree
  12. One should not enter the premises of a  temple, a sacred tree, public court yard, cross road, garden, cemetery, and slaughter house
  13. One should not enter a solitary house or forest alone.
  14. One should not have relations with women, friends, or servants of bad conduct
  15. There should  be no enmity with good men
  16. One should not indulge in ignoble or frightening acts nor one should take recourse to undue courage, sleeping, vigil, bath, drink, or food in excess quantity.
  17. One should not approach snakes or animals with dangerous teeth and horns.
  18. One should not provoke a quarrel
  19. One should not come to close to the fire without concentration of mind without a wash after taking food
  20. One should not heat his body by keeping fire below
  21. One should not go out without touching gems, ghee, feet of respectable persons, auspicious objects and flowers
  22. One should not pass through by keeping respectable persons or auspicious objects in left nor keeping others in right side.

Sage Caraka has given clear instructions regarding taking diet. Practice regarding natural urges, practice regarding relation with ladies, practice regarding study has been described in detail by him.

Those who follow the detailed instructions will live for one hundred years.





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