Ayurveda or The Science of Life shows the way to live one hundred years!

15. November 2016


Ayurveda or The Science of life, how to live 100 years –ayurveda shows the way, 31 noble acts to prevent psychosomatic disturbances


The term ‘Ayurveda’ consists of two words, namely ‘Ayus’ and ‘Veda’ meaning ‘The Science of Life’. It shows the way to live for hundred years. In order to live the prescribed 100 years, to prevent any psychosomatic disturbances, 31 noble acts have been prescribed by sage Caraka. The detailed list of 31 acts is given.

Ayurveda or The Science of Life shows the way to live one hundred years!-Part II

In order to live the prescribed 100 years one has to perform certain noble acts. One who

observes these principles simultaneously fulfils both the objectives viz maintenance of

positive health and control of sense faculties. These are listed by Sage Caraka.

  1. One should pay respects to the Gods, cows, Brahmins, preceptors, elderly people. Those who have accomplished spiritual perfection and teachers.
  2. One should offer oblation to the fire
  3. One should wear good herbs
  4. One should perform Sandhya worship during dawn and dusk
  5. One should clean excretory passages and feet frequently
  6. One should have a hair cut, shave and nail cut-thrice every fortnight
  7. One should wear good apparel
  8. One should be happy, apply scent, wear good dress, comb the hair
  9. One should have a delightful face
  10. One should protect people in affliction
  11. One should perform religious ceremonies
  12. One should donate
  13. One should pay respect to cross roads, offer religious oblation called bali
  14. One should honor guests
  15. One should offer ‘pindas’ ( meaning a ball of lump rice to the manes) to

The departed ancestors

  1. One should speak timely, beneficial, measured, sweet words
  2. One should be self controlled and virtuous
  3. One should envy in action but not in the  results thereof
  4. One should be careful and fearless
  5. One should be bashful and wise
  6. One should have enormous enthusiasm
  7. One should be clever, forbearing, virtuous
  8. One should have faith in God
  9. One should be  devoted to teachers who have attained spiritual perfection and

Are advanced in modesty, intellect, learning, heredity and age

  1. One should use umbrella, a stick and shoes
  2. One should always acquit himself in auspicious way and display good manners
  3. One should avoid places with dirty apparel, bones, thorns, impure hair, chaff, garbage, ash, fragments of earthen vessels and the places of bath and worship
  4. One should stop exercise before exertion
  5. One should be friendly to all creatures, reconcile the angry, console the frightened, be merciful to the poor, be truthful and be predominantly of compromising nature and tolerant towards un palatable words uttered by others
  6. One should be controller of intolerance
  7. One should be peaceful disposition and conquer the very roots of attachment and hatred.

These thirty one acts will prevent any psychosomatic disturbances. Further, Caraka

also prescribed the code of general ethics which are to be followed for a healthy long life. These will be enumerated in the next article.


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