Dear Friends,

We went to Turkey and took some Workout videos for you. The purpose of this Video is to show you, that you can also enjoy your Holiday with Working out. As you know many people got the problems, if they go to holiday…they put on some weights, however we are showing the solution for that!

Keep inspiring Friends.

Hi Friends,

Thushaan is taking you to his Training Session.
Today’s topic how to get fit with a ball.

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Dear Friends,

first of all I wish you all a Happy New Year. Today I am going to show you some running exercises, which you can do it outside. Make sure, that you follow our channel. Please thumps up, if you want to see more & other fitness videos.


Hello Fitness Friends,
Thushaan Kunabalasingam is presenting 4 simple ABS exercises, which you can do from Home or Outside.

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Hello Friends,

today I am presenting my first VLOG. The aim of this VLOG is to show you some fitness exercises, which you can do outside!

Those exercises are really good, especially if you want to lose weight or to get fit. PLEASE: BE CAREFUL, when you do the exercises. Take your Time and start slowly!

You can get it,