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Hi Friends,

Today’s topic is about:
Why we should not have expectations in our Life.
Thushaan will explain you the 80% to 20% Rule and
talk about “Cause and Effect Rule.”

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Hi Friends, today I want share a Story, which I get inspired from. What is our Life about? If you find the right person, who loves your heart, keep fighting for them. If you like this videos, please like and subscribe our Channel.


Hi Friends, today I am going to talk about, why you should not stop, when things are not going well, such as in Jobs, Universities or Sports! Keep the eyes on the prize.
One day, the hard will pay off.
Let´s have a look at our Hero, Cristiano Ronaldo, he got an amazing Champion Mentality!

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Hi Friends,

nowadays, we live in a fast world.
Sometimes things is not going well, like you expect.
That’s why it is very important to think positively.

Thushaan is going to show you some rules, how to think positive.


Dear Friends,

As I mentioned before KAMAL HAASAN has inspired me a lot, that´s why I am going to show you some great Speeches of our HERO.

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Hi Friends,

Let me introduce you my parents, When I was 15 years old, my mother came to me and asked me to go shopping for her. (The supermarket was 5 min from my Place). I replied to her and I said NO! As you know, I was very busy at that time (Of course not, I was chatting in MSN and playing PlayStation). Three years later, I moved to the U.K. One day, I was very hungry after my football game and I went to the supermarket. The shop was 20 min away from place. (The worst thing, which you can do is to go shopping when you are hungry, don’t do that!). Well, I went to the supermarket and I had nearly 10 Bags beside me, the bags were very heavy. After the big shopping I went to the Bus Stop and suddenly no Buses where there.A friendly men said to me: “NO BUSES FOR TODAY”. I was surprised and had to carry 10 Bags to my flat. At the same time I was thinking about my mother, when she was asking me to go shopping for her. I had tears in my eyes. I asked myself how hard it would be for an old Lady to carry those things. Listen friends, our parents gave us everything, try to understand them. Don’t make the mistake what I did. Try to make them happy, then I believe, if you ignore your parents, trust me KARMA is BIG. Then one day, you remember back and you will ask yourself with the question “ WHY”.