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Hi Friends,

Today’s topic is about:
Why we should not have expectations in our Life.
Thushaan will explain you the 80% to 20% Rule and
talk about “Cause and Effect Rule.”

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*Video is with english subtitles.

Hi Friends,
we hope you doing great!

Todays topic is to show you, how to train your Chest and & Bicep in the GYM.

Please follow the rules: Warming up and stretch your Body and then go into the exercises.
Especially if you a Beginner, you should start with light weights.

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*Video is with english subtitles.

Hi Friends,

thanks for all your kind Messages.
We are back with new Gym Workout in Tamil.

Rules before you go to the GYM:
1) Get a Training Plan
2) Warm up
3) Stretch your Body!

*Video is with English subtitles!

Hi Friends,
today we are showing, how to do a healthy Beetroot Halwa and explaining why you should be careful with alcohol, especially when you go swimming with your Friends.

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– Beetroot
– Brown Sugar
– Corn flour
– Ghee


Hi Friends, we hope you doing great. Today’s Motivation is, why you should take Time for your People. Our Recipe for today: Horse Beans Soup Ingredients:

– Horse Beans

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Hi Friends,

We hope you doing all great.
Thushaan is showing you some Home workout for Beginners with a fitness band.

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Dear Friends,

we hope you doing great.
Today´s Recipe how to do a healthy Amla Juice.

Thanks for all your support.

– Amla
– Mint
– Palm Sugar


Dear Friends,

As we mentioned in many videos before, Superstar Rajinikanth has inspired us with his acting and speeches in different ways.
Motivation Topic for today: Follow your Aim!
Krishna is showing the viewers how to do a healthy Drumstick leaves & Horse Beans VADA.

Ingredients are:
– Horse Beans
– Drumstick leaves
– Salt
– Green chilli
– Ginger
– Coconut oil

Dear Fitness Friends,

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