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As I mentioned before KAMAL HAASAN has inspired me a lot, that´s why I am going to show you some great Speeches of our HERO.

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Wise Sayings of Vidur – 2

 Some of the sayings of Mahatma Vidur to the king Dhritharashtra is given below:

These two persons never shine because of their incompatible acts, viz., a householder without exertion and a beggar busied in schemes.These two live (as it were) in a region higher than heaven itself, viz., a man of power endued with forgiveness, and poor man that is charitable.

These two should be thrown into the water, tightly binding weights to their necks, viz., a wealthy man that does not give away, and a poor man that is proud.Great fear springs from these three crimes, viz., theft of other’s property, outrage on other’s wives, and breach with friend.

These three, besides, being destructive to one’s own self, are the gates of hell, viz., lust, anger, and covetousness. Therefore, everyone should renounce them.Crowned with prosperity and leading the life of a householder, let this four dwell with you, viz., old consanguineous, relatives, high-born persons fallen into adversity, poor friends, and issueless sisters.

These five fires should be worshipped with regard by a person, viz., father, mother, fire (proper), soul and preceptor.By serving these five, men attain great fame in this world, viz., the gods, the ancestors, men, beggars, and guests.These five follow you wherever you go, viz., friends, foes, those that are indifferent, dependants, and those that are entitled to maintenance.

The six faults should be avoided by a person who wishes to attain prosperity, viz., sleep, drowsiness, fear, anger, indolence, and procrastination.These six should be renounced like a splitting vessel in the sea, viz., a preceptor that cannot expound the scriptures, a priest that is illiterate, a king that is unable to protect, a wife that speak disagreeable words, a cow-herd that doth not wish to go to the fields, and a barber that wish to renounce a village for the woods.Verily, those six qualities should never be forsaken by men, viz., truth, charity, diligence, benevolence, forgiveness, and patience.

These six are always miserable, viz., the envious, the malicious, the discontented, the irascible, the ever-suspicious, and those depending upon the fortunes of others.A king (or in modern times, a leader or an administrator) should renounce these seven faults; women, dice, hunting, drinking, the harshness of speech, the severity of punishment, and misuse of wealth.These eight qualities glorify a man, viz., wisdom, high birth, self-restraint, learning, prowess, moderation in speech, gift according to one’s power, and gratitude.

This house has nine doors, three pillars, and five witnesses. It is presided over by the soul. That learned man who know all this is truly wise. (Meaning : The human body has nine holes. The three pillars are as per ayurveda – vada,pitham,kapam.The five witnesses are five senses)

These ten do not know what virtue is viz., the intoxicated, inattentive, the raving, the fatigued, the angry, the starving, the hasty, the covetous, the frightened, and the lustful. Therefore, he that is wise must eschew the company of these.One should read Vidurneethi so that he could lead a successful healthy, wealthy and spiritual life.

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20. September 2017

Wise Sayings of Vidur 

Mahabharata,the great Indian Epic is unique in the sense one may get all guidelines to lead a healthy.wealthy, spiritual life from it.
In Udyogaparva we come across a beautiful dialogue between Vidur and King Dhrutharashtra.
Vidur was the half-brother of Dhrutharashtra. He is considered to be the incarnation of Dharma Raja Yama (God of Death)
Duryodhana, the son of Dhrutharashtra.refused the demand of Pandavas for minimum compensation.
Worried over the turn of events Dhrutharashtra called Vidur and wanted to hear the policies that must be adopted by all for leading a smooth worldly life.
This portion is called as VidurNeethi.

Vidur Says:
I How to be happy?
Discriminating the two by means of the one, bring under thy subjection the three by means of four, and also conquering the five and knowing the six, and abstaining from the seven, be happy.
It is very difficult to understand here what is meant by one, two etc.
The learned have explained the meaning thus:
One means firm intelligence
Two means determining correctly what is to be done and what not to be done.
Three means friend, enemy and a neutral person
Four means Sama,Dana,Bheda, Dhandam. Sama means conciliation. Dana means gifts or compensation.Bheda means usage of Logic or Trickery of mind.Dhanda means force or armaments.
Five means five senses
Six means sandhi,vigraham,yanam,asanam, dvidhibhav and samasrayanam
These are the six ways which Code for Kings stipulates.
Seven means excessive desire of women, playing dice, hunting, drinking, using harsh words, hard punishment and spending money recklessly.
Now if we apply our mind using the above definitions, we will be able to understand what Vidur says.

II What one should not do alone?

Alone one should not partake of any savoury viand, nor alone reflect on concerns of profit, nor alone go upon a journey, nor alone remain awake among sleeping companions.

III Which are the two like thorns on the body?
These two are like sharp thorns afflicting the body, viz., the desires of a poor man, and the anger of the impotent.
(To be continued)


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How to Prevent Ageing: Use Your Brain to Change Your Age

 Daniel G. Amen is a clinical scientist, psychologist, and brain-imaging expert. He has published 45 professional articles and written twenty-eight best-selling books.The book under review, ‘Use your brain to change your age’ consists of ten chapters in 368 pages.

The fountain of youth is between your ears declares the author. It is your brain that makes the decisions that keep you healthy, happy, and on track to live a long time, and it is your brain that makes the bad decisions that ruin your health and send you off to the undertaker early.

The brain is the most complicated organ in the universe. It is estimated that there are hundred billion cells in the brain. It is 80 percent water. The brain is the most energy hungry and expensive real estate in our body. It is needless to say that we have to take care of our brain.

He is giving seven principles for a healthier living. Next, he advises us to know our numbers. The body mass index should be between 18.5 and 24.9. The waist to height ratio should be less than half your height. Know the number of calories you need and spend in a day. Know the number of fruits and vegetables a day you eat. Know how many hours you sleep each night. Getting less than eight hours sleep chronically is associated with cognitive decline.

And there other numbers you must know about you! Next you have to follow the seven simple rules about brain healthy nutrition that will become your longevity medicine!

There are twenty brain tips for making food your fountain of youth. Regular exercise will not only increase how long you live but also the quality of life in those years. There are eight steps to optimize both your PFC or prefrontal cortex and level of consciousness to boost the control you have over your life.

Just plants need water; the skin and brain also need water. Drink plenty of filtered water in order to flush toxins from your body. Basically there are eight brain types namely impulsive, compulsive, impulsive-compulsive, sad, anxious, temporal lobe, toxic and post-traumatic stress. Knowing the type of brain is critical to getting the right help.

This inspiring book is very powerful. It gives you practical advice. All chapters are filled with great stories.

Those who started reading this book will naturally go in for the other books of Daniel G. Amen. I strongly recommend this compelling and convincing book for everybody.

 Santhanam Nagarajan

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Miraculous Incidents Due to Positive Emotions From Day to Day Life and History

Human beings are driven by emotions. Emotion was defined by William James in 1884 as ‘a state of mind that manifests itself by sensible changes in the body’. There are positive emotions and there are negative emotions too.

John A. Schindler in his book, ‘How to Live 365 Days a Year’ says, ‘In any emotion, there are external manifestations- that is, changes one can see exhibited externally on the surface of the body.

Thus negative emotions like anger, anxiety, fear, discouragement, longing etc. induce illness. On the contrary positive emotions like love, joy, hope etc. cures many diseases.

We could read many news from newspapers which are unbelievable.

Here is one such event published in Times of India 4th March 2013 issue.

One Mr Dharmarajan, a 70 – year old Sri Lankan Tamilian, Vavuniya was bedridden due to a prolonged ailment. He has lost trace of his 55 – year old sister.

Thevathu Rukmini Devi was lost for the past 26 years. Suddenly one day he heard the news that his sister is alive. On hearing this news he simply jumped out of his bed and started walking.

When he had almost given up hope of ever meeting his sister, he heard the good news which acted as a tonic and the news acted as a booster shot of energy. His sister was living in Madurai, South India in a refugee camp for many years after escaping from Sri Lanka.

One positive emotion, true love cured his illness when doctors failed.

Such is the power of positive emotion.

Let us go to Indian history. Tavernier in course of his visit to India had chronicled his experiences in a book, Travels, that was first published in 1677 A.D. One of the incidents he mentioned in his book is worth to be noted.

The Raja of Vellore was killed in a battle with the king of Vispur. Eleven of his wives resolved to die with him. On knowing this, the General of Vispur imprisoned all of them together. They told the keeper at the time, ‘Imprisonment is futile. We shall die in three hours’.

After three hours all of them lay stretched on the floor dead, and were gone with their husband, without any mark of violence on their bodies.

It is out of pure love, they sacrificed their life.

We come across one more news published recently in the Times of India dated 25th December 2016.

A couple married for 64 years spent their final few moments together clutching each other’s hands tightly before dying just hours apart in neighboring hospital beds.

Dolores Winstead, 83, and husband Trent Winstead, 88, from Tennessee died in Nashville’s Saint Thomas West Hospital – five weeks short of their 64th wedding anniversary.

Dolores suddenly began to complain of a headache and was taken ill. She has suffered a severe brain aneurysm – and needed to be connected to a ventilator as – in tandem with her husband – her condition began to deteriorate. Hospital staff placed them in the same room and the couple were pictured holding hands next to each other. Dolores died first, with Trent blowing her a kiss when he was told she had passed before then dying himself a few hours later.

Many awe-inspiring incidents as above may be compiled which will make us understand the true meaning of life.True, positive emotions inspire everybody.and create history.Let us develop positive emotions to make our life richer.

Santhanam Nagarajan

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Intuitive power of Maharishi Aurobindo

Strange and mysterious things are thrown out from the subtle world to the surface consciousness and their truth is sometimes manifested much later.
Maharishi Aurobindo, the Great Yogi, the sage of Pondicherry, India has narrated his experiences in this regard very clearly. He says:“I was in the past a great tea-addict. I could not do any work without my usual cup of tea. Now, the management of the tea was in the charge of my brother-in-law. He used to bring it up any time he woke up from his sleep. One day I had a lot of work to do, but could not get into it without the tea. I began to think, “When will he bring it, why doesn’t he come?” and so on. So far I had never asked anybody for anything for myself. Suddenly I found that a particular hour was written on the wall before me and at that very time the tea was brought up. And thenceforth every day the hour used to be written in that manner.”
Prophesying without seeing the person is an intuitive power. Confirming that there is intuitive power Maharishi Aurobindo explains his experience: “One can know or see things or persons by clairvoyance. I once tried to see a man whom we wanted to get appointed as the Governor. I saw a figure seated in the
office, but a person totally unknown and quite different from the one we wanted. I was rather puzzled and could not account for it. After some time, there broke a quarrel between my brother-in-law Bose and a Government official. He was summoned to the office, but the latter addressed to him bore, by mistake, the title of Ghose instead of Bose. So I had to go and I found to my utter surprise the very man of my
vision sitting as the Governor.”
The great Siddhas (meaning perfect souls), Sages and Yogis could foresee each and every thing minutely.
By their yogic practice, these powers are automatically drawn from the Divine.


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