Fate and Free Will – Part VIII

Fate and Free Will – Part VIII           Nagarajan

The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram has clearly defined destiny.  Who is Mother? Originally named Mirra Alfassa, the Mother was born in Paris on 21st February 1878. Between 11 and 13 a series of psychic and spiritual experiences revealed to her not only the existence of God but man’s possibility of uniting with Him, of realizing Him integrally in consciousness and action, of manifesting Him upon earth in a life divine.

At the age of thirty-six the Mother journeyed to Pondicherry, India, to meet Sri Aurobindo. She saw him on 29th March 1914 and at once recognized him as the one who for many years had inwardly been guiding her spiritual development. She went back to Paris and returned to Pondicherry on 24th April 1920 to resume her collaboration with Sri Aurobindo, and remained there for the rest of her life. She worked for 50 years in Aurobindo Ashram and left her body on 17th November 1973 at the age of ninety five. In her spiritual charged life she had touched all spiritual subjects and advised the ardent seekers of Truth about all spiritual matters. She explains the destiny as follows:

“I shall give you a simple example – but it may occur in any state of consciousness.

A stone falls. If it fulfills its destiny, it will fall to the ground, won’t it? But you are there and you have a vital or mental will – one or the other – and you catch the stone in your hand. You have changed the destiny of the stone. A leaf falls to the ground if it follows its normal destiny. You have a vital will; you take the leaf in your hand. You have changed the destiny of the leaf. This happens millions of times in the universe and nobody notices it because it is so common.

But imagine that you have a very high range of consciousness. If into the determinism down here you can bring by aspiration, an urge, a prayer, a higher consciousness, if you can take hold of your higher consciousness, so to say, and bring it into the material destiny. Every thing would immediately be changed. But because you do not see or understand what is happening, you say that it is chance or a miracle.

Not every destiny is active in a material destiny, and if you want to change this material destiny, you must be able to bring down another one from above. In this way, something new will enter into it – these “descents” of the higher consciousness take place all the time, but because we do not understand them, this ‘something new’ that comes is turned by ordinary people into a miracle.”

Bringing down the Supramental force and consciousness into the physical and material world, everything will be changed in an absolutely unexpected way.  Thus material destiny could be changed and you have to work hard to bring down another one from above.

Great sages and saints agree that by Divine Grace the destiny can be changed, altered, modified, eliminated.

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