Meditation: The Power that Lifts


The most striking benefits of meditation are found in reports from ‘Pit Burial’ studies. Highly regarded Yogis of India have performed superhuman feats. These feats have been recorded and scientifically monitored. One such feat is to be buried alive for one or more days.A classical case in exhibition of this power is that of Saint Haridas of 19th century.

The book ‘Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines’ narrate the incident. Saint Haridas was buried for four months and afterwards disinterred living, under the careful supervision of the Maharaja of Lahore, Ranjit singh and Sir Claude Wade, the British General. Over the gave of the saint, who lay therein in a chest sealed by the Maharaja with the royal seal, barley-seed was sown and grew up in a place enclosed by a wall and guarded incessantly by armed sentinels. On the date of the interment the Yogi’s face had been shaven clean and when he was disinterred after the expiry of four months, his face was as smooth as on the day of his burial. 
In 1986 Army Research Institute commissioned a review of the literature on meditation by Brener and Connally of the University of Hull in England. 
Brener and Connally concluded that reported feats of endurance such as pit burials are likely to be due to the effect of meditation or deep relaxation on metabolism. A lowered metabolism may allow for survival under conditions of restricted oxygen availability. Effects on metabolism can be produced by controlling respiration in the manner practiced by yogis.

Rising up and floating in air known as levitation is one of the powers that a Yogi practicing Pranayama (control of breath) is said to acquire. 
In a paper read at the International Psychical Congress held in Paris in 1927, Professor Von Schrenck Notzing, Professor of Psychology, University of Munich, described the case of a young man, who demonstrated this power of levitation acquired through yogic practice of breath control no less than 27 times!

More and more scientific experiments are being carried out to find out the benefits of Yoga.

Continuous practice of Meditation bestows mind power. It has been proved by yogis that the power acquired thus could lift them up both mentally and physically!




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Intuition Through Yoga            

The Penguin Dictionary of Psychology defines Intuition as under: 
Intuition: A mode of understanding or knowing characterized as direct and immediate and occurring without conscious thought or judgment. There are two distinct connotations which often accompany this term: a) that the process is unmediated and somehow mystical; b) that it is a response to subtle cues and relationships apprehended implicitly, unconsciously. 
When you misplace an item, despite thinking sequentially through all the things you did earlier, you can’t remember where it is. But in the evening when you are relaxing suddenly you remember that the missed item is in your table drawer. Where did this flash of insight come from? It was generated by your right brain, using data supplied by your left.

The best known example of a scientist who intuitively perceived a theory is Albert Einstein. Explaining how Einstein perceived the idea, Peter Russell explains in his book, The Brain Book: “Einstein is a logical thinker. Yet his ideas initially came to him as pictures and images, and subsequently he put them into words and mathematical symbols. The theory was born when Einstein was lying on a grassy hillside one summer’s afternoon. He was gazing up at the sun through his eyelids, playing with the light came through his eyelashes, when he began to wonder what it would be like to travel down a light beam.

He lay there in a dream state letting his mind wander freely, imagining himself traveling down a light beam, when suddenly he realized, one almost has to say in a flash, just what it would be like. This realization was the essence of the theory of relativity, and it had come to him not as a logical deduction, but as a creative, intuitive insight, the result of synthetic rather than analytic thinking.”

Einstein recognized the intuition and placed a high value on his intuition and wrote: “The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, and the solution comes to you and you don’t know how or why.” 
Analyzing the whole subject intuition, in her beautiful book, ‘The Sixth Sense’ the author Laurie Nadel assures that one can develop the ability by following easy steps.

The important step to identify and develop intuition will be to meditate regularly. 
Meditation activates both the right and left side of the brain. 
Sudden flashes and logical thinking both are ensured by meditation. 
Yogis visualize pictures through their meditation and foretell what is to happen to individuals. 
Indian yogis, through their intuitive power had invented many wonderful inventions for the benefit of humanity as a whole. 
Hundreds of incidents reveal their intuitive abilities and the whole humanity see them with wonder.

P.D.Ouspensky, in his book, ‘A New Model of the Universe’ says, “The sage of India knew that the powers of man in all the spheres and provinces of his activity can be greatly increased by means of right training and by accustoming man to control his body, mind, attention, will, emotion and desires. In connection with this, the study of man in ancient India was on a level quite inconceivable to us. The powers which yoga gives are not limited to the strengthening of the capacity of understanding. Yoga increases the creative capacity of man in all spheres and domains of life, gives him the possibility of direct penetration into the mysteries of nature, discloses to him the secret of eternity and the enigmas of existence.”



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23. April 2017


Damn Good Advice ! 

The book under review titled ‘Damn Good Advice’ written by the Ad Guru George Lois has been written based on his experience and hence worth reading.It is a well-known fact that Lois is a Supernova, the original Mr Big Idea. Since 1950’s he has had a titanic influence on world culture.He has 120 valuable tips to lead a creative and successful life.Lois was born in New York in 1931.He is an advertising legend and the creator of Big Idea advertising.

Lois first wants the leader to identify himself choosing the type to which he belongs to.There are only four types of persons.

  1. Very bright, Industrious (You are perfect)
  2. Very bright, lazy (A damn shame)
  3. Stupid, lazy (You are a wash)
  4. Stupid, industrious (You are dangerous)

He cautions us, ‘If you are number 1 or a 2, you will get a lot out of this book. If your are a number 3 or 4, you need not read this book.’Very true.All the tools in the world are meaningless without an essential  idea.  Hence always go for a big idea. Whatever you want to communicate to the world it should be communicated in a nanosecond.  He quotes Lincoln who did not have time to contemplate, correct and edit his letter wrote a very long letter to his friend and express his apology citing the above reasons!

Energy begets energy. Playing War games may help you. Sports and the intense intellectualism of the game of chess help drive and sustain the creative ethos. Lois quotes Thomas Huxley. “The chessboard is the world, the pieces are the phenomena of the universe, the rules of the game are what we call the laws of Nature.”Age is not a barrier. Charles Darwin was 50 when he wrote  On The Origin of Species.At 52, Ray Kroc started MacDonald. A.C.Bhakthivedanta Swami Prabhupada founded the Hare Krishna movement when he was 69, with $7 to his name.A little courage is needed.  A great deal of talent is lost to the world for want of a little courage. The Webster dictionary zeroes in on the meaning of the word “courage”, marked by bold resolution in withstanding the dangerous, alarming or difficult .. a firmness of spirit that faces danger or extreme difficulty without flinching or retreating.

And in his 120th advice he recalls the sufferings of Nelson Mandela. While incarcerated at Robben Island and Pollsmoor prisons for 27 years, recited Invictus, the iconic poem written in 1875 by the English poet William Ernest Henley to his fellow prisoners, empowering all with its message of self mastery. The last four lines of the poem is worth remembering ever:

It matters not how strait the gate,How charged with punishments the scroll,I am the mater of  my fate.I am the captain of my soul.The book is not only for the persons in advertisement field but for all.We may choose the tips applicable to us and customize some of the other tips.To lead a creative life we need exclusive tips to suit the modern world. This book will certainly help.


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Self-Improvement book for Success

Awaken the Giant Within !       S. Nagarajan

Every age has its own self- improvement book. First it was Dale  Carnegie. His books ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ and‘How to Stop worrying and Start Living’ paved way for many thousands to lead s successful life. Then came Napoleon Hill. His books ‘Success’and ‘Think and Grow Rich’ sold out thousands of copies around the world and people showed interest in reading them.Now it is Anthony Robbins. His book, “Awaken the Giant Within’ suits to the modern needs. Based on the latest scientific findings on Brain andpsychological aspects the new theory called NLP – Neuro Linguistic

Programming shows the way to lead a successful life in the modern competitive world. The book has divided in to four parts, ‘Unleash Your Power, ‘Taking Control – ‘The Master System’, ‘The Seven Days to Shape Your Life’ and ‘A Lesson in Destiny’. Can anyone change his destiny. There are three decisions that control your destiny, points out Anthony Robbins.

1) Your decisions about what to focus on.

2) Your decisions about what things mean to you.

3) Your decisions about what to do to create the results you desire.

To achieve your goal either you have to find the way or make one. There are techniques to make the way. First change your belief and personal breakthroughs will begin. Start with the basic belief and reinforce your belief by adding new and more powerful references.By NAC you can change yourself for good. What is NAC. Neuro Associative Conditioning is a step-by- step process that can condition your nervous system to associate pleasure to those things you want to continuously move toward and pain to those things you need to avoid in order to succeed consistently in your life without constant effort or willpower.

There are ten emotions of power. Love and warmth, Appreciation and gratitude, Curiosity, Excitement and passion, Determination, Flexibility,  Confidence, Cheerfulness, Vitality and Contribution are to be planted daily.After elaborating these vital points the author gives a Seven Days  Programme to shape our life. Take control of your conscience emotions,After learning to condition your nervous system you have to condition your metabolism. Then comes relationships. Success is meaningful if only you could share it with someone you love. Then comes Finance.

Take control of your financial future. Then comes Code of conduct.Create your code and do not compromise it. Then learn to use your time to your advantage. Have some rest and play. Even God took one day off! This seven day programme, if carried out successfully, we can repeat it to ensure success.One woman who was suffering from the fear about snakes took treatment for seven years and yet not cured. Anthony Robbins took it as a challenge in fifteen minutes time he cured her! Such is the power of NLP.

Beautiful quotations are splashed out throughout the book. A number of anecdotes and real life incidents have been given in every chapter to inspire the reader.An investment should yield. Yield for good. The investment on this book will surely yield. Not necessarily proportionately but multi times. Change your life through your own brain and your own programming.This book will show you how! Good Luck.

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Greatest Secret Of Life                

Tukla, king of Persia, once visited a devotee and said: “My years have been fruitless. None but the beggar carries riches from the world when earthly dignities are passed. Hence, I would now sit in the corner of devotion that I might usefully employ the few short days that yet remain to me.”The devotee was angered at these words.

“Enough”, he cried. “Religion consists alone in the service of the people; it finds no place in the rosary, or pray-rug, or tattered garment. Be a king in sovereignty and a devotee in purity of morals. Action, not words, is demanded by religion, for words without action are void of substance.This entertaining anecdote is from Bustan written by Sage of Shiraz. Sheikh Muslih-ud-din Sadi was born in Shiraz in Persia, A.D. 1175. He lived for 116 years.

All through his life he stressed that to fulfill one’s duties towards one’s fellowmen is to fulfill one’s duty towards the deity. That is the root idea of his teachings. “Religion,” he observes’ “consists only in the service of people!” “They alone live who live for others, the rest are more dead than alive”, thundered Swami Vivekananda.

Ved Vyas the greatest scholar ever lived on the earth has written 18 great Hindu Scriptures known as Puranas and the great epic Mahabharatha. He has composed nearly four lac seventyone thousand verses in Sanskrit. He read crores of books and was referred as Vyas, the great intellect! He was asked what religious merit is and what sin is. He took only one part of the verse for the reply. He said: “I am going to tell the world in half of the verse what I learnt from crores of books I have come across. Doing good to others is VIRTUE. Doing harm to others is SIN.”

This is the greatest secret of life one should learn. And this is the essence of crores of books as declared by Ved Vyas. All religions viz Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Jainism, Buddhism insist ‘service to people’ and doing good to the fellow beings!A hand that serves is holier than the lips that pray!


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How to Make Your Aura Bright and Divine?


The idea of a human aura, a radiating luminous cloud surrounding the body is an ancient one. Medieval saints and mystics distinguished four different types of aura ; the Nimbus, the Halo, the Aureola and the Glory. The first two stream from the head; the Aureola from the whole body, the Glory is a combination of two.

The major important experimental investigations into the subject were conducted by Dr. Walter John Kilner of the St Thomas Hospital of London. In 1908, Kilner conceived the idea that the human aura might be made visible if viewed through a suitable substance, and he experimented with dicyanin, a remarkable coal-tar dye. The dicyanin screen was a solution of coal tar dye between two hermetically sealed pieces of glass. Looking through it in daylight and then turning the eye on naked man in dim light before a dark back ground, three distinct radiations, all lying in the ultra violet end of the spectrum became visible. The first was dark and colourless, it surrounded the body to the depth of a quarter to half an inch. The second, inner aura extended three inches beyond, the third outer aura, fell little short of a foot in depth.

The subject of aura is a complex one.

Kilner concluded that the higher brain centres are intimately concerned in the output of ‘auric’ force.Dr Annie Besant stated that in our daily life we think and thus create thought forms.These thought forms remain in the aura or magnetic atmosphere of the thinker, and as time goes on their increased number acts on him with ever-gathering force, repetition of thoughts and of types of thought adding to their intensity day by day, with cumulative energy; until certain kind of thought forms so dominate his mental life that the man rather answers to their impulse than decides anew, and what we call a habit, the outer reflection of this stored-up force is set up. Thus ‘character’ is built, and if we are intimately acquainted with any one of mature character, we are able to predicate with tolerable certainty his action in any set of circumstances.”

By studying aura one can tell the characteristics of the personality; the diseases of the person etc.If we cultivate positive thinking with abundant love towards humanity the aura will reflect it. The colour of the aura will become red if one entertains negative and violent thoughts continuously.Hence if we train our mind properly our aura will become bright and divine.


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